February 18th, 2002


Grrr.... some people really suck.

So, I had to wander on over to my sister's house for some paperwork and I ended up coming home with an internal zip drive (it was an extra and I got it in exchange for a monitor I lent her a while ago) and a new assignment.

My niece is having problems with the dipshit that teaches music at her high school (which happens to be my old high school). This guy has given her a fair bit of trouble in the last year, and my sister met with him and the assistant principals once already in the hopes of resolving this situation but apparently that didn't work. See, the asshole was in charge of getting paperwork done for the U.I.L. band competition. Last week, he informed my niece at the last minute that he hadn't gotten the music for her solo so she wasn't going to be able to compete. She'd been practicing for a few months and he barely came up with that crap right now? What a fucker. Then on Saturday my niece performed in a trio and it turned out that her teacher had submitted the wrong music so they waited around for 2 hours until they found out that they were disqualified when the results were posted.

Now, I'm all for being patient and giving people the benefit of the doubt, but if it were me, and a student had complained and her parents had come in etc... I would make damn sure that no "mistakes" popped up in anything that had to do with her. At least I would if I thought that I might get in trouble. What most bugs me about this guy is that I'm pretty sure he's thinking that no one is going to really make a stink about this and he's almost right. I don't like butting into my niece's stuff if I can help it, but honestly, I find it offensive that someone would sign up to be a coach for an extracurricular activity and then do stuff like this for (what seem to be blatantly) personal reasons. From what I heard my niece's trio was good enough (and there was little enough competition) that it could have probably made it to state and it was the only group that had a decent shot. More to the point none of the other teams made it and hers did a really good job and they didn't even get judged. Sounds at least a bit unfair.

So, tomorrow, I'm probably going to meander on down to ye olde high school to talk to the admins about ripping him a new orifice of some sort. I don't like it when random fuck-ups mess with my family. This makes Victor very unhappy.
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Conversating the night away....

Taken from a very fun conversation this evening:

DragnMx: Heh, no wonder we have no $$ :)
DragnMx: tattoos, cameras, clothes.... just the neccesities in life.
xxxxxxxx: and hookers.
xxxxxxxx: lets not forget about them ;)
DragnMx: Yeah, but I haven't figured out how to expense them on the business report so I tend to not list them :)
xxxxxxxx: haha. yeah. I wish I could write off all my hookers. So much $$$
DragnMx: No kidding. I think the tattoos could be written off as accupunture, but I can't come up with a good category for the hookers. Perhaps therapy?
DragnMx:Put them under medical perhaps? :)
xxxxxxxx: hehe. Well, you might be needing medial AFTER wards.
DragnMx: that's true.
DragnMx: eh, I should just stick to lusting after women that I'm not going to have sex with and save myself the money and the aggravation :)
xxxxxxxx: That's what I do.
DragnMx: what's sad though is that I don't miss the sex, I miss the curling up with someone and sleeping with them. Its the innnocent human contact that I miss most lately, not the wild, passionate, hanging-off-the-chandeliers monkey sex (although I wouldn't mind some of that from time to time as well).
xxxxxxxx: hmmm, I just miss the monkey sex. (i'm awful)
DragnMx: eh, I don't have the energy for monkey sex. I need those 4 hours of sleep that I do get most nights.
xxxxxxxx: I don't either. It just sounds good in theory.
DragnMx: So lacking the energy for good old fashioned monkey sex, curling up with someone to sleep sounds like a good idea.

I need to have more conversations like this. I was amused, I amused the other person, and I got some much needed tattoo advice. Besides any conversation where you can use the phrase wild, passionate, hanging-off-the-chandeliers monkey sex and not have the other person look shocked, distrubed, or change the subject is good.
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Where does time go....


I need to get these stupid drawings done and what have I been doing for the last hour. Commenting on LJ and sitting here staring at my screen saver.

Bah. I need a vacation, some of that wild, passionate, hanging-off-the-chandeliers monkey sex, and a Mountain Dew.

I can afford 1 of those 3 right now so I guess I'm going to go grab a Dew and then get to work... and this time, I mean it.
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Meltdown Imminent....

I got a good bit of work done today.

I've almost finished the drawings I needed to do and I did a good bit of running around in the oh-so-pleasant dust storm. Days like this make me glad that I wear the wrap around goggles when I'm out and about in the day.

Blah. I think the brain chemistry is out of whack tonight. I'm feeling all weird/bad and I'm not sure exactly what's up. Too much stress with the family. Brother R was a real pain this afternoon. He was making a bunch of non-helpful business suggestions and trying to convince me that he was right and I was just getting annoyed. It seems like everyone is tired and frustrated about the various money problems and I'm getting fucking tired of people whining about things.

I am sooooo ready to cut and run. Of course I won't, because I just wouldn't do that, but I'm finding less and less to keep me here.

Bleh. I would just like to tell the world at large (but not my friends), with all of its bad drivers, obnoxious civil servants, confusing interests etc... to fuck off and leave me alone. I'm tired of giving a shit what people in general think or want. I'm just going to worry about keeping an eye out for the people I care about (until they drive me insane) and all the evil annoying craptastic people out there can just feel free to not exist now.

That is all.
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