February 25th, 2002


Survey Question.....

What are people's thoughts about facial hair? I've been trying to make up my mind about what I want to do and I just can't decide. So far I've done a full beard, goatee and clean shaven this month and nothing quite makes me happy. I'm leaning towards a full beard just because almost no one has one of those but I also like the evil long pointy goatee that I had until the beginning of the month. I'm also trying to decide what looks good with long hair (I think it's finally gotten to the point where I can say that I have long-ish hair). Comments? Advice? Suggestions?

Bleh, I'm not sure, but have I mentioned that I'm indecisive and non-commital about some things? :)
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Cooking Geekiness...

So, today I was at Sam's and I found the coolest random kitchen stuff. Specifically they had this ultra-groovy set of stainless steel kitchen gadgets for $14.99. Check this out

  • SS measuring cups
  • SS measuring spoons
  • SS salt & pepper shakers
  • SS boxy chesse-grater thing
  • AND a bonus SS kitchen scraper

Finding this made me realize that, yes, I have hopelessly become a kitchen geek. When I figured out that the cheese grater came with the kitchen scraper and that wasn't advertised on the box, I was pretty much damn near ecstatic. I kid you not, that more or less made my day. I finally have a "real" cheese grator (one of those box-like ones with 4 sides and 4 different grating pattern) and I got a kitchen scraper for "free". Do most of you even know what a kitchen scraper is? That must be like a lemon zester (something I don't have.... yet ;), one of those things that only psycho cooking people have. When I got home I tried out my new gadgets while making steak fajita quesadillas and wow very cool. I think I finally have the whole routine down now. The key was grated cheese. Yup, I actually put thought and effort into figuring out how to make them as easily as possible and I was rewarded by very good dinner for today and tomorrow. It costs about $15.00 to buy all the ingredients and I can get about 8 Victor-sized dinner servings of food. In my warped little mind this is just soooo cool :).

Ok, I'm going to go order padded walls for my house now, I'm insane :-p
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