February 26th, 2002


It's 2:22am do you know where the dragon is?

He's still awake damn it.

Grr..... I should be asleep, but that's obviously not going to happen just yet. So I've been watching trailers for new movies coming soon. I'll ramble about other stuff later (as if I had to tell you that :)
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Scrabble Babble...

Oh, and since this has now become my #1 favorite game for ye olde Palm Vx

Check out Handmark Scrabble

Today's high scoring game: Me=353, Computer=257

The highlight of which was RELAX on a triple word score with a double letter score for the X.
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More Scrabble Babble....

Palm: iBEX
Me: seX
Palm: UNsex
Me: Funsex
Scrabble Program: FUNSEX Not Valid

The Palm may have some soul, but it's still a party pooper :)
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More Demon Dust Bunnies....

So for some odd reason I got it into my head to reorganize stuff in my house. Specifically the stuff in my living room, dining room, & kitchen (it's an open floor plan so those spaces are connected).

Part of this involved crawling around in the attic figuring out where the ceiling joists were and I now have a happy new gash in my back for my troubles. However, my bikes are now living in the back bedroom on a couple of hooks. This means I can put away the big old bike rack thing and I have good bit more room in the front of the house. I think I should vacuum up the dirt and dust that I created installing the hooks and moving the bikes. Bleh, I'm tired.

I've decided that I'm way too big to be climbing around in the attic. One false move and whoosh there's a big ol' dragon lying on the floor and a big ol' hole in the ceiling. This is not something I would like to go through (literally) or clean up afterwards so I should stay in the parts of the attic that have actual floor. Bleh. Too much dust.

Oh, I also have mountain of clean clothes sitting on my kitchen table which I should fold and put away at some point.

Ok, I'm going to clean up the back bedroom, shower and hopefully be ready for Buffy at 9.... Right, I like that plan....
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From the "Now that's some funny s***" dept...

Two good zingers from conversations with Dave

from tonight:

Dave: They had a 19 degree temperature drop in 1 hour. That's like going from 40 to 31 degrees...
Me: Umm.... riiiight......
Dave: Uh... or 50 to 31.... Damn it Jim, I'm a writer not a mathematician.
Me: Yeah... I can see that...
Dave: Whatever, I never said I was Johnny on the spot.
Me: Dude, you're not even Johnny in the ballpark.

and from a while ago when we spotted our friend Charlie wearing something that made us realize that he doesn't look in mirrors much when he's getting dressed:

Me: *shaking head in dismay* I don't know how he does it... It must be part of his mystique...
Dave: That's not mystique, that's mistake.
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