February 27th, 2002


la la la la la la I'm bo-red....

So, I'm sitting here in the Las Cruces Mall geeking out for a bit while I wait for the Queen to be done with work.

I had to come out to deal with evil city minions in the hopes the they wouldn't be able to blow me off face-to-face. I was wrong. They blew me off face-to-face, but at least I get to see the Queen and hang out a bit so that's cool.

The plan is to go to dinner and watch Monster's Ball or some other movie that we haven't seen yet. Hmmm... you know, the Queen is one of like 3 people in the world whom I would trust to pick out a movie to watch without asking for a synopsis. She has good taste in movies. A bit more artsy than mine is normally, but that's a good thing I think. I can count on myself for the really cheesy stuff and she'll make sure I get the Surgeon General's recommended dose of culture :)

Hmmm... sitting in the mall reminds me why I don't normally hang out at the mall anymore. I think there is some sort of age limit (like maybe 20) after which the mall is not all that exciting as a hang out spot. I would prefer just chilling at a Denny's or IHOP with some ice tea, but the mall has one thing in it's favor. It's about a block away from the Queen's place and that's a good thing. Oh, and i don't know of any other place to hang out at. LC is just to small a city.

I did get a laugh out of coming to the mall though. I scared a couple of teenage gangbanger type kids that were lurking in the bathroom. The really funny part being that it was unintentional. I walked in, they looked over to glare at me (because they were so cool that they were hanging out in the Mall bathroom) with the patented "what do you want" surly young person glare and promptly stopped glaring and moved to the far side of the bathroom away from where I was (which happened to be the sinks)... It was funny watching them try to get out of my way without running away.

I swear, I will never understand that sort of crap. what kind of aura am I projecting if people seem to fear for their very lives when I walk into a room. Ok, so i'ts not quite that bad, but Dave can vouch for how often we'll be hanging out and people will look either scared or flustered or just slightly nervous when they have to deal with me.....

Well, at least it's not all in my head. I have witnesses now.
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