March 5th, 2002


Forgotten clothes...

Heh, as I was about to transfer my laundry into the dryer, I made an amusing discovery. About half of the clothes that I washed last time where sitting in the dryer all nice and wrinkly (better there than the washer though). I had been wondering why it seemed like there was so little laundry to fold this weekend. I seem destined to be the absent minded professor type :).

I made a somewhat decent ding in the cleaning for this evening, but I think I'm going to call it a night now. Bleh. I need to get up early tomorrow. Joy.

So, assuming I can avoid forgetting anything else now, 'night all :)
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    Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On

The 3 Stooges method of crowd control

Courtesy of Slashdot....

Oh wow.....

"Banana Peel in a Can"

Despite the obvious details that make it a Bad Idea (tm), I can't help but being highly amused by the thought of random rioters falling over themselves while trying to rush at a building or something. You know there was a scientist sitting around watching the 3 stooges and suddenly having the "brilliant" idea to actually create this stuff.

Oh, and I might just have to build myself an invisible PC Case for my next machine...