March 12th, 2002


A day in the life...

Well today was... interesting. Let's see to recap:

  • Helped my brother change a flat. I was quite proud of how well equipped Molly is at this point. All she needs is an on-board air compressor and an arc welder... I think I'll probably put those on Psyche though. Anyways, it was nice being able to come to the rescue sort of and help out. Obviously this isn't a major accomplishment, but it's just generally nice to realize that I can do random little things like that (things that I take for granted even) and that not everyone is as comfortable with them... Then again I consider it relatively easy to take an engine out of a car. This is probably where someone should point out the whole perspective thing :).

  • Went to Flesh Tones II to see what the deal is with tattoos. Net result is that I'm feeling pretty good about going with these guys to get the work done although I will probably try another place that I've heard of a lot and see what their work is like. Random thought of the day: Wow they really are expensive. Granted I'm generally leaning towards larger sizes, but still, wow. I got an idea for a new design as well as a modification on another one while I was looking through their examples of work done. I talked to one artist that seemed really cool. I've heard him mentioned before and his work looks really good. Right now it looks like I will be able to get work done as a "reward" for accomplishing various professional and personal goals (building up the company, finishing building projects getting in shape etc...). I'm gonna have to start saving those pennies :)

  • I sold my first house today. Well sort of. My folks had spoken to someone on Friday about selling her some land and building a house for her and she was interested at that point. Today, I ended up selling her on the idea. By the time my dad got to the office (he was out giving prices on the other side of town) they were 99% set, they just wanted a firm price on the work they wanted from us. It was pretty cool because I handled all of their questions and gave them a feel for everything that could be done etc... while still keeping them well aware of the features-price connection. When my dad showed up I had everything under control and the lady and her niece where really jazzed about the whole project. It helped that I could, in effect, "give away" the design work (i.e. we can do as many iterations as you want until we get the design that you are happy with). Of course I'm not really giving it away as that's factored into the price, but my dad wouldn't be as willing to say something like that and I was able to sell the fact that we would handle every part of the construction and that the buyer would not have anything to worry about (i.e. we'll deal with the city, inspections, subs etc...). I'm psyched because I really do feel like I sold her on the project. Or at least I got her feeling comfortable enough to commit (and give us the down payment woo-hoo).

That's about it for today. I'm feeling a bit better about work and since that's usually like 1/2 of my stress that's very good, but of course the flip side to not having any work is that once we start getting more work I'm going to be much busier. This isn't a Bad Thing (tm), but I always feel nervous about committing do doing something somewhat big. I'm great at talking the talk and making the sale (this is why I had pretty good jobs all the way through college), but I am really terrified about screwing up work stuff. Then again that's to be expected since (despite my objections) I really am a bit of an over-achiever. It's kind of hard to really sell the slacker image relative to what I end up doing :). I'm a slacker in spirit if not in action... Of course it would be nicer if I was just a busy bee type and always worked etc...


I'm rambling. I should go crash now. Hasta.
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