March 20th, 2002

purple dragon

Taking Pictures....

Well, I waded through more random "stuff" from my childhood and I was surprised by something. I came across some really old pictures that I've taken. Like stuff that was 15 years old or so. Apparently I've been taking pictures forever. I think this because my dad used to enjoy taking pictures randomly and my brother R really got into it when he was in high school (he was photo-editor of the yearbook and newspaper and he won awards and stuff for his photos).

So it's probably not all that surprising that I would develop (slight pun intended) an interest in photography by wanting to be cool like them. I didn't get quite as involved in it as my brother did when I was in high school (I went the academic route and got awards and stuff for geek-competitions), but I think maybe that let me keep it fun on some basic level. Looking back now, I find that I genuinely like photography. It seems that I'm always composing pictures and scenes and figuring out where to take pictures and what I can take pictures of etc.... while my brother has mostly gone towards snapshots and the like (granted his snapshots are awesome ;). On the other hand, I've grown to like doing (or at least trying to do) "artsy" stuff with my pictures and with the advent of stuff like PhotoShop, I can do all sorts of neat effects without needing a dark room (something very important as a poor college student) and it's really fun (even though it does cause issues with these old light-sensitive eyes).

I was just thinking about it as I played around with a color b&w photo effect. I got the idea from someone in the photographie community and instead of going to sleep (like I should have) I spent the last half hour playing with one photo and having a really good time of it.

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The end of an era....

Well, it looks like SadoMasochism (my firewall/gateway) is crapping out. The previous post was delayed by about 30 minutes as I rebooted Sado and dealt with hard drive issues (which where apparently what caused it to crash :-/). It might be just the one hard drive, or it might be something more serious. Who knows. However, I might be scoring a couple of old machines from my brother and another person in exchange for setting up new machines so I might not be S.O.L.... I guess worst case scenario is that I re-task Spike or SexMachine to be a the firewall/gateway and I completely retire Sado... that would suck though because I like being able to reference how Linux can keep something like a P60 useful in the days of XP...

Eh, this is probably a good thing in the long run (having to shut down all the machines and go through and see how they're doing, clean them etc... I had gotten kind of stuck with the idea that I wanted to see how long Sado would run w/o rebooting and it nearly went a year and it finally crashed due to hardware issues, not OS problems.


I think it's time to seriously come up with a plan for how I want to computerize my house. I have an idea, but I really slacked off as far as seriously making it get implemented. Once I had some machines working I got distracted and started dealing with other stuff... The Suns have just been sitting around collecting dust and for a while I was only using 2 computers. Sado as the gateway and Moya as the main machine... granted I could also put Talyn the laptop into the mix and this was one of the reasons why I wanted the gateway setup. Instead of only having 1 machine with 'net access I can hook up 12 (including the machine that serves as the firewall/gateway). So clearly I should try to get another 7 or 8 machines on my network (of course leaving 1 net drop for non-specific use or visitors ;)

All right, I think I'm putting myself to sleep with this post :-p... It's probably time for bed. I'll ramble about this some more this weekend (assuming that Sado survives that long).
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The doctor is in...

I think I'm going to have to give in and rip into the machines tonight after all. This sucketh royally but it's either that or be mostly 'net-less until sometime Saturday or Sunday (and that's just inconceivable ;).

Oh well,...

*cracks knuckles*
*laughs maniacally*

Let's see...

Spare computer parts? check
Random cables? check
Components I've been meaning to install? check
Screwdriver? check
Martini? check
Tools? check

All right time to get started until Enterprise is on (yes, tonight Ima gonna geek out)
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