April 1st, 2002


Who's the boss?

Ummm... I guess that would be me this morning.


It was weird walking into the office and having the whole place to myself this morning. Time to head out and be all in-charge-y.

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From the file marked duh...

Hmmm... I need to confer less with the parental units about work stuff.

It was one of those mornings where I had to call them up and inform them that:

"the lock to this isn't working right" and "we need the keys to that"

and they responded with

"jiggle the key in the lock" and "check in the key drawer"

which prompted the

"I already did that"

response to both. What I really wanted to say though was:

"Hi, I'm not completely helpless, the reason that I'm asking you is because I'd already tried the obvious stuff and I was hoping you might have some interesting solution that hadn't occurred to me, once I have told you that I tried solution A), please refrain from harping on it as if I didn't hear you the first time. You said try A) I said I've tried it, if you don't have a suggestion B) then please say so, but don't keep insisting that A) will work, it didn't"

*sigh* well at least this whole thing was about as painful as I had expected and I survived relatively well which means that I have a higher pain tolerance than I anticipated. Oh joy. That's certainly something I wanted to find out about. Let's see just how much aggravation and grief I can put up with before I rip someone's head off....

Somehow I suspect that this will be torment the Victor week.... (hours of fun for the entire family).
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Life's Little Mysteries # 156

A.R.T. - Annoying Restroom Timing...

Ok, so this is just too weird. I've been sitting here, alone, in the office for the last 3 or so hours waiting for my mom's Bronco to be brought back from getting it's inspection sticker renewed (this is annoying me a little) and in that time the phone didn't ring once. A little over a minute after I had walked into the restroom, the phone rings. WTF?

This happens all the time. As long as there are other people in the office, the phone will never ring while I'm in the restroom, however, if I have the office to myself the phone will always ring at least once while I am *ahem* occupied. It's not like I'm talking about sitting in the loo reading the newspaper for 30 minutes either. I'm talking about a 2-4 minute block of time when I really would prefer to not have to answer the phone and yet that will always be when people decide to call. Better yet, those are invariably the people who will let the phone ring 20 times (so you can't as easily ignore the call).

I am convinced that either the powers that be have an annoying sense of humor, or the phone on my desk is watching my every move....;)
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I'd like to remove my emotion chip now...


Today was highly un-thrilling.

It appears that my dad won't be getting out of the hospital today. I'd call to see what's up, but I really don't think I can deal with any of the possible answers. I'll deal tomorrow.

I've been waiting for the UPS guy to show up with Moya's new bits (well most of them). It's almost 9pm and UPS still claims that they'll be delivered today. I have my doubts.

I sat outside in the nice spring night-time air and thought about stuff for a while earlier. I miss P. You know what sucks about finally getting snuggles from someone you care about a lot? It's way too easy to start craving another fix. It's like crack. Snuggle-crack. What I really want to do is curl up with her, watch a movie, and stop worrying about what may or may not happen in other parts of my life. Of course thinking about her invariably leads me back to wondering if/when she'll land a good job in another city and disappear from my little corner of the world. Until this weekend, I think that I had firmly convinced myself that although I would miss her, it wouldn't be such a big deal.

I was full of it. It will be a big deal. I'll miss her an awful lot. I already have that icky knot in my gut because I know that she's looking to find a job that isn't quite as bad as her current one (and it wouldn't take much to find one that met that criteria). It makes sense that she look for a better job and in my head I think she should be looking, but I reallly really really wish there was someway she could stick around. I hate realizing that I need someone and at the same time I wouldn't want to do away with that need because it's a direct result of very good experiences with good people. Situations where someone gives you a connection in this world that is good and cool and which feels right. Those times and those connections are what make it possible to get through days/weeks like this....

Still though...

Blah. I'm going to go eat some of the Easter chocolate I swiped from R's house.
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