April 11th, 2002


A quick and angst-less *gasp* post...

Random non angst-inducing (well ok that's a lie ;) stuff to report... and as an added bonus you get a non-angsty survey question!

X will be visiting in mid-June.... yikes. This should be interesting. We talked last night and somehow or other she got around to just going ahead and making reservations for June... I think the phrase "I dare you" came into play at some point... Still though, that's 2 people visiting in the next 2 months.... Vacancies at the Casa De Morales are filling up fast ;)

I got half of the Corvette's shocks changed last night and I should finish that project this evening. Good shocks on a sports car are very important, they let me take turns at higher speed... not to mention not bottoming out the car on quasi-rough stretches of El Paso roads... Now the big things are: adjusting the brakes and the shifting timing on the transmission (nothing major, both are just off enough to make me want to do something about them) and putting in some lubricant on the speedo cable. Oh and for those of you who have speedo problems I was recently informed that sometimes it helps if you put in something like graphite lubricant. Random weird rubbing sounds, inaccurate speeds etc... can be attributed to a slightly funky speedo cable and using the lubricant can fix the cable or might reduce the problem a good bit while a suitable replacement is tracked down. Best place to put this in is from the top (where cable joins to gauge) and let the graphite stuff work it's way down.

Oh, I have decided to ask a survey question since I'm stuck. Consider the current list of car names: Hazel, Drusilla, Molly, Psyche, and Winona. Suggest two good names, preferably with some sort of literary or mythological connection for the 1968 Mustang, and the 1976 Corvette. I may or may not use the suggestions, but I'm totally blanking on suitable (and amusing) names. Extra credit for names that are unlikely to belong to someone I might meet (e.g. Psyche).

Ok, I have work to do, just letting folks know that I'm still alive and muddling through.
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Ker-thunk..... letting sleeping dragons lie....

asleep that is...

Wow, I hadn't done that in a while....

I came home early (due to extremely slow week at work) and I was all set to play with the new toys and go test fit them on Winona, but I wanted to wait about an hour until the sun went down enough so that the parking spot where she's sitting would be shady... I sat down to watch a tiny bit of The Secret of Nimh (apparently almost everything is making it onto DVDs in the bargain bin lately) and I did just that. I watched about 1 minute of it before I was dead-to-the-world asleep. About 3 hours later (i.e. a little while ago) I woke up feeling quite rested, but slightly confused since I wasn't quite sure if the time on the living room clock indicated AM or PM. I had also managed to end up with my head hanging over the side of the couch and my legs draped over the back of it....

Somehow that just seems really appropriate for my life of late. I set out to do something and I end up confused and in an awkward position.

So clearly I did not get to work on either the Corvette or Winona. Eh, maybe this is better since I've managed to come up with some ideas of what I would like to do with both of them (more ideas for Winona though) but I'd like to work on the details a little more before I get to work on things.

Mmmm.... Honey Bunches of Oats for dinner....
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