April 18th, 2002


Wiring woes...

Well my mom's going to be thrilled with this bit of news from the tel-co guy.

See, we've been having problems with the phone lines in the house/office for the last week and my folks were getting mighty pissy. Well, it turns out that the problem was that my mom has like a bazillion extensions on extensions on splitters on the line. We unplugged a big clump of them in the kitchen and voila, phones worked all right again. Funny that.

I've told my mom time and time again that she has to be careful with phone and electric stuff, but she seems to think that just because it looks like it might be possible to plug A into B that this means that things will work perfectly if you do that. She also seems to have some disconnect when it comes to water + telephones = bad and water + electric stuff = bad. Sometimes I wish that I could believe in magic wire fairies who would make all my gadgets work without the need to draw up wiring diagrams...

Then I snap out of it, bust out the twist ties and proceed to lash everything down in the shortest run possible. Earlier, I was going to comment about how it amazes me that people can do such hideous hack jobs when it comes to wiring (thinking back to my mom's Bronco and Winona), but then I got to thinking that some of the hack jobs I did on Psyche (when I was 16) were pretty pathetic... but you know... even when I'm hacking something to make it work, I instinctively know that the rat's nest of wires (while acceptable in the short term) is not an acceptable long term solution.... Heck in recent months, I've taken to soldering bare wire connections and making very sure that they are water proof.. this applies to house and car stuff.

Eh, anyways, back to work.

Oh, wait. It's lunch time :)

Woo-hoo :)
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Killer Dust Bunnies from Hell....

I need to clean the house. It's getting really cluttered. I've been putting this off for the last few weeks. It needed it three weeks ago when I had planned on doing it. Of course that was right about when one of the smaller minor deities decided to crap on my life. Still though, if I'm going to have P over this weekend, I'll need to do some serious Mr. Clean-ing.

Maybe I'll even start tonight :)

Quite possibly I'll get distracted. For some reason I can't work on stuff unless it's coming up on a deadline. Until I'm forced to, I'll just kinda put it off and wait until later.... Well later is rapidly approaching so...

So, I'm going to stop punting and do some straightening up and whatnot.

If any kind souls out there feel like chatting, feel free to make me stop this cleaning madness :)
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