April 27th, 2002


Nose, meet grindstone. Grindstone, nose.....

In non-angst news,

I submitted the plans for three of the duplexes on Thursday, and I was able to get money credited to us from some other plans that had been lost. The Evil City Hall Minions where out in full force, but some clever talking on my part got me what I wanted. Sometimes it's good to be the Dragon.

As of Monday, we will have closed 3 of the 4 duplexes and the last one should close sometime next week.

I have almost finished scanning Ruben's pictures for court stuff. Now I just need to tweak them and see which ones he wants printed and stuff. Fun Fun Fun.

I had a heartfelt discussion with the parental units on Friday. It was kinda good, kinda bad. I finally told my dad some of the stuff that was bothering me. All things considered, I think it went ok. He got upset about some stuff and I got frustrated about other things, but by the time we were done, I think he understood where I was coming from and he was feeling ok about things. I could be wrong, but I think this will be a Very Good Thing (tm) in the long run. I think he understands where I'm coming from and with a little luck I can take into account what he said so that I don't end up arguing with him as much anymore.... Fingers firmly crossed and studiously avoiding breaking any mirrors.

Our probable lumber supplier is going to cut us a good deal on materials because we are building 4 duplexes and 1 house (9 living spaces and about 9800 SF of living space). We should also be getting a good deal from the cement dealer.

I know, exciting news, but I figured it was stuff I wanted to post after my <lj-break> of the last couple of days. Yes I am still alive. Yes, I am still angsting about personal stuff, but at least work and family stuff is sort of working out ok right now. This week, I was the pigeon and not the statue.
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