April 29th, 2002


Welcome to the land of the self-involved....

Oh wait, this is LJ, that goes without saying.

Eh, I'm in a weird mood. I feel blah and there really isn't any reason for me not to be deliriously happy (ok overstatement, but I should be feeling fairly mellow and ok, not blah). Work was fairly ok. We closed on the 2 & 3 new duplex today. As soon as the City of El Paso processes the building plans, we'll be able to start. Tentatively that should happen early next week. All 4 are financed, but the last 1 has the little title issue that we're still trying to fix. It should be resolved in a day or two (or three). Things are looking good on the whole construction front. My dad and I have also been discussing possible future projects. I'm still going to try my hardest to get out of this city as quickly as possible, but I'm really leaning towards being able to do it with some amount of $$ and experience so that I could conceivably setup my own little construction empire elsewhere. To this end, I figure that pushing to do more and more development here is a good thing since a) it makes us money of which I get some and b) if we're heavily into being developers and renovating things etc.. then I could conceivably branch out a bit and find a place out of town (say in Boston) to renovate and start on. In theory if money is coming in from properties in another city(ies) then I can keep dealing with stuff here and spend good chunks of time elsewhere. I kind of like the idea of living in two cities. If I can figure out how to pull it off it would be the ideal solution. Pick one city to have a social life in and have fun and still keep business connections to EP so that I can stay close to my family more easily.

This great scheme is still very amorphous though so for now chalk it up mostly to rambling. I just know that I'd go bonkers working for someone after the last few years and to be honest, I'm starting to feel comfortable enough doing this construction thing that I think I might be able to pull it off without going to work for someone... We'll see though. I fully intend to keep my options open for the next few years.

Ummm... So - yeah. I did lots of thinking about that this afternoon while we were waiting for the closing to happen.

I also fielded some crap from a job from last year where we hit a telco line that wasn't marked and now the telco (SBC) is billing us for the damage to the line. We have evidence and witnesses that the telco's people didn't locate the line when they were supposed to. In theory since it can be hard to label a non-existent line, folks with buried lines have 48 hours from when they are notified of a proposed excavation to mark the area and if they don't mark anything then you are allowed to assume that nothing is there... the telco's locate people didn't mark their line so when we dug, we clipped it (and at that my dad didn't take out the whole thing, he just scraped it with the backhoe). Anyways, that's a hassle but it should be fixable.

And that was more or less my day. I fielded a few other calls about work stuff and I started tracking down quotes for the new duplexes etc.. I also tracked down a fuel line leak that Audrey developed recently (talk about high maintenance). I didn't get to fix it though, but at least now I know where it is. I've also been thinking a lot about you know who. Ummm... and that really has been my entire day.

Exciting no? :)
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