June 6th, 2002


Baby quotes:

Before I forget. There were some amusing quotes related to Isabella...

Angel (on phone to sister): "Well, Ruben's kinda medium toned but some of his family is light skinned and some is dark skinned, but the baby was purple" (referring to
Isabella right after birth)

Angie (my sister, looking at Isabella's feet): "Oh look, her feet are wrinkled, that means she's overdone"
Me: "What is she a turkey?"
Angie: "No, that just means that she was born a little late" (Isabella was smart she stayed in as long as possible, they finally ended up inducing labor... if not she might have stayed in until she was ready for college ;)

Angel (as Isabella started crying): "Aaaaaaawww, she's crying, that's so cute."
Me: "That's probably the last time you'll ever say that..."

Isabella: *achoo!*
All the women:" Aaaaaw, she sneezed"
Ruben and I: *roll eyes*

Robert (Angel's 9 year old son): "Can I hold her?"
Me: "Weren't you just punching Victoria? (his 5 year old sister)"
Robert: "Yes"
Me: "Didn't you just trip getting off the bed ?"
Robert: "Yes"
Me: "No"