June 11th, 2002

purple dragon

I loathe 6/6-6 W.W.M.....

So today we had to ge the reinforced part of the reinforced concrete slab in place so that the city could inspect it and so that we can pour the concrete tomorrow. We finished right around noon and the inspector was cool everything, but I'm tired!

For the record 6/6-6 W.W.M. is the shortened way of saying "150 roll of 6/6-6/6 wire remesh" (what is it remeshing I wonder?). This stuff sucks and we had to lay about 2200 SF of it. We also did the rebar for the footings and I was more or less managing all this chaos while my dad was dealing with a little job elsewhere. I feel quite productive now... although I'm also hurting.... Moving around steel is difficult. It's a good thing this stuff doesn't have to be welded on the jobsite or I'd really be miserable.

So tomorrow we pour the concrete and we can then start making progress new duplex #2....

You know the really painful part of all this? I get to manage another 2 duplexes worth of this in the very near future. Joy. Can you believe that I actually like my job? :)
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