June 26th, 2002


The game of global domination...

So I bought myself Risk yesterday.


Eh, when J was here she was shocked that I had never played the game. She seemed to think it was right up my alley. So I looked into it and bought one so I can get a feel for how it works.


No wonder I could never get the hang of it when I was little. I remember being like 5 and finding the old Risk game we had and wondering about this weird game with so many easily lost pieces. I'm still not sure that it's really right up my alley, but it looks like it could be a fun game to play...

However, I'm wary of it because it relies on dice throws and I don't do so well with dice. I have anti-luck with games the involve using dice. I remember losing a game of Monopoly once because I went around the board 5 or 6 times and only landed on other people's property. Not only that but I spent half of the game in jail because I couldn't throw a pair to save my life.

Hmmm... Still though, I think it would be neat to scrounge up the classic board games for my lair. So far I have Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, Monopoly, Risk, and whatever games can be accounted for with decks of cards.

What other games should I get?
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