June 29th, 2002

purple dragon

Night Shift...


I think I may have accidentally night shifted myself....

All this week, I've been getting home, chilling out a bit and then taking a nap because I'm pretty much exhausted from work. Today I decided to take a little nap around 6:30... I woke up about 30 minutes ago. 7 hours of sleep is way more than I normally get. I doubt that I'll be able to get back to sleep before sunrise... grumble grumble grumble....

I'm turning into such the old fart. Once upon a time, I'd be thrilled that I was awake at these hours. I loved being able to wander out once most people where asleep. Going for walks down the institute corridors in the wee hours of the morning was fun. There was no telling what random treasures you might find in some little alcove. It was common practice for the various labs & offices to put their trash out in the hallways... In theory so that phys plant could remove it, but often it would be given a thorough picking over by the various scavengers lurking the hallways late at night. I spent many a night lugging some discarded treasure back to my lair.

This would also be the perfect time to go up to the top of one of the high rises with some music and maybe a good book and find a nice spot near a window to relax in. I've lost count of the number of times I saw Boston wake up as the sun came up. Seeing the trickle of cars grow to a steady stream, headlight winking off as the sun crept higher. Watching the crew folks out on the river. Sometimes I think I must have been a gargoyle in a past life. There are very few things that I find as comforting as being perched at the top of a very tall building looking out at my city. I may be paranoid and neurotic about some things, but heights, especially extreme ones are extremely relaxing.

I think I'm going to go out for a drive. Maybe find a perch on top of the mountain somewhere.
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Fuckity fuck...

Ack ---> (to continue today's theme for posts ;)

I think I may be coming down with something. I seem to have a temperature (well a higher than normal one at least) and I'm feeling really un-well. Great. just great. I'm hungry, but as I have no food here, the only option is to go out and do some grocery shopping which makes me actively cringe right now. Maybe I'll go out tonight and take advantage of having a 24-hour Wal-Mart nearby.

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Pushing limits...

So, I was sitting around bored and finally got around to watching the Green Mile.

It's a cool enough movie. Certainly neat and interesting in some ways and a good Saturday Ima gonna just chill here kinda movie, but I think I hit my limit with movies.

I don't think I can watch a whole movie all the way through if it's greater than 2.5 hours (about 10% of the day for the geeks among you). I got frustrated and started fast forwarding through the movie at about 2.5 hours and now it's actually about to end and I'm sitting here online. Hmmm... I'll watch it again later maybe.

I'm still contemplating whether or not I feel like treking out at all this evening.
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