June 30th, 2002



Ok, so I woke up this morning (after passing out more or less right after my last post yesterday) and now I feel like someone took to my ribs with a baseball bat. I kid you not, this is how I used to wake up after Rugby games. The good thing though is that I actually feel quite a bit better (go figure). I don't feel like I'm going to pass out any second now and standing for a while is not agony.

This is good because I already made it back from Wal-Mart this morning. Since I had slept so much, I managed to get up around 6:30 and wander on out there while it was still fairly empty. Bought some medicine, OJ, and random other stuff that I probably shouldn't have and now I'm home. I think I'm going to hide out here again today. I don't think I'm really up for doing lunch with the 'rents today. I really just want to curl up in some position that doesn't leave me hurting. Blah.

Going to eat breakfast and watch sci-fi now.
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