July 4th, 2002


Yeah baby!

Hmmm picked up both Austin Powers DVDs at the bargain DVD bin and watched them this afternoon (with commentary on). Wow, that's some funny shit. I'm not sure if its a "have to be in the mood for it" thing or not, but Myers & Roach are 100x better than Tim Burton and doing good commentarys. They're up there with Kevin Smith as far as really funny random comments and interesting movie tidbits. I just find it weird because there are several Tim Burton movies that rate higher than the Austin Powers movies and some of Kevin Smith's flicks, but I just can't stand listening to Burton drone on about stuff anymore. He seems to be stuck in the high school "I'm to cool too demonstrate honest, silly enthusiasm for _____".

So, yeah. I laughed myself sore right now. Just some really funny stuff
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Da fourth

Well after punting around the house all day, Ruben called and asked if I wanted to go see Minority Report with him and his family (what a strange concept). I was psyched and I got in Molly to head to the nearby theatre but Molly had other ideas. She got me about a mile away from home and then decided to not stay on anymore. Then it started to rain and hale (wtf? in El paso?). Fortunately Dave was around so I got through to him on my cell (which was having issues as well) and he helped me get her home

For now (and until someone figures out what's wrong with her) I'm sort of car less (not entirely of course, but it's going to be annoying).

Anyways, then headed out to see MIB II (good movie, DS 8.5, will make a good double feature with MIB when it's out on DVD). Amazingly enough the theatre was not packed and the crowd that was there was fairly good so on the whole the movie watching experience was good... except for still being sick. I'm only slightly complaining but I prefer getting sick and getting totally bubonic plague, hacking up a lung sick for a day or two and then being ok within 3-4 days tops. Being kinda sick for all of a week and just not quite being able to sleep due to physical comfort issues is really annoying.

I was telling Dave how I may have to try sleeping on my really ultra-nifty feather/down futon mattress on the floor again like I used to in college. Last night I again ended up sleeping on the floor, on scratchy carpet because I just couldn't make myself comfortable on the bed. I'm just weird, but a nice soft bed is just not acceptable for sleeping. I want a very hard, very firm mattress. Forget orthopedic. Give me a dense futon mattress on concrete and I'll be happy.... Blah. Going to need to figure out something with that. Oh well. going to bake now.

Oh, and very few things in the world make me miss Boston quite as much as the 4th of July. I have many fond memories of the esplanade in the summer...
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