September 3rd, 2002


Psychosomatic Illness anyone?


I think my body is reacting to the fact that I have to do something unpleasant soon by making itself sick. Bad body, no biscuit.

I spent most of the day today watching Night Gallery (Rod Serling's post-Twilight Zone show from the late 60s early 70s) and hanging with my good friends Nyquil and Robitussin (which left me pleasatnly stoned). Around 6 though I was feeling unstoned and not sick so I headed out for a drive and to check out a couple of house listings that looked promising. From the outside both houses are nice and they look to be fairly spacious. One is in a neighborhood that I actively like but it only has 1.5 baths, the other house has 2.5 baths, but it's in a less ideal neighborhood (not one that I dislike, just not one of my favorites). Both houses have basement living areas, wood floors and 4 bedrooms each. I think I'll email the realtor guy tomorrow to see what he can find out about those listing and see if I can take a look at either of them. They're both in my price range (which is always cool) and they'll give me enough room to be comfortable with for a nice long while.

Now though I'm feeling sick again (just mildly flu-ey).
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