September 4th, 2002


Maybe psycho but not somatic...

It's official. I be sick as a dog.

In keeping with that, I finally got around to watching Ginger Snaps and I gotta say, wow. It's a very cool little movie. It's well written, it has genuine moments of suspense and wry humor. It's good, DS=9 good in fact. I'd go on about it, but I'm feeling rather bleh right now and I probably couldn't do it much justice. I will say this though, it's very entertaining and I caught some neat glimpses of deeper meanings woven into the story. Don't quote me on the deeper meaning stuff though, that might just be the generic Nyquil talking :). If you're in the mood for an exciting/thriller of a suspense flick, check it out.

Let's see what else... I tried calling X tonight, but either she wasn't home or wasn't answering... not sure. I guess I'll try again tomorrow night.

I also talked to L for a bit. Things are ok with her. She's safely tucked away into the just friends category and anyone who has wanted to go see Eight Legged Freaks and xXx is someone to keep around even just as a movie watching buddy :). I know that sounds a bit cold, but I don't think our individual philosophies mesh well enough to handle extended hanging out and talking. We can watch movies and talk about them though so that's cool.

Hmmm... what else.... I feel lame for not going to Yoga tonight. I was really really looking forward to it, but judging by what we did last week, I doubt that I would have made it through class without passing out. Heck, just thinking about some of those positions made me feel light-headed ;). There's a class Saturday afternoon though, I think I'm going to make the effort to get out to that.

I did however manage to open a new bank account with Wells Fargo, thrown in some work, some fires that were put out and I feel like I actually accomplished something today... despite getting a bit light-headed at Sam's at one point.

Ummm... that's about it for random stuff. The powers that be seem to have taken pity on me so this week has been decidedly non roller-coastery. Even with the slight bit of sick, it's actually turning out to be an ok week.
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