October 3rd, 2002


Toys R Me....

I got my nifty new Treo 90 yesterday. It took a while to get the stuff from my Palm Vx onto it, but I was able to get everything uploaded to it (including my spiffy games collection). I've officially defected from Palm to the Handspring camp (that just sound way to dirty ;). All things considered, I do have to say "wow!" this thing totally kicks ass. It may not have quite as many colors as many of the other PDAs out there, but it also cost me a couple of hundred bucks less (on average) than the competition. I think the color count is something like 4k+ on the Treo vs 64k+ on the others... You know what? I have trouble naming things beyond the main Crayola eight. Once we get past say 64 :), I'm not seeing too much of a difference... especially not on a PDA sized screen. It looks better than a game boy and it has better games so that's enough for me (not to mention having nifty things like a keyboard, spreadsheet program, etc...).

Still waiting for the new camera... Really can't wait to start taking crazy amounts of pictures (I'm sure you guys are thrilled at the prospect of wading through my new slideshow... errr journal ;)
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