October 14th, 2002


And in all the excitement...

I forgot that my LJ turned a year old a few days ago.

Hmmm.... my how things have changed.

Normally I'd have more randomly philosophical things to say, but right now I'm a bit too wound up. Time to go to bed so I can get work done tomorrow. Yay, the workweek begins :-p
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Everything is signed but not quite initialed...

Jeezy Creezy!

Will the initialing ever end?

I had to go to the RE's office today to initial like 5 things that were changed on the contract. Nothing significant, just random stuff like an "as-is addendum" which basically spells out what I had said all along and the contract also says (by virtue of not mentioning anything that needs to be fixed). Nope, not good enough, they want more paperwork. Sometimes I wonder if it just makes the RE people feel more productive or if they get prizes for having 5 or more addendums on a contract.

Anyways, no biggee, just mildly annoying since he called at 5:15 and asked me to get over there. I halfway considered saying "ummm no, I'm tired" but I didn't. I went anyways even though I was exhausted. Probably for the best since he deliverance'd the contract. Heh, I was so out of it when he said that the term for giving each party a copy of the contract is known as deliverance I started hearing dueling banjos in my head. It was a long day at work. A good day, but a long one.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to do some things. For instance, I just realized that the new house is like 3 blocks away from one of the nicest parks in El Paso (Memorial Park is right at the end of the street). I still haven't figured out what the closest gym is, but I think that I may be taking Zhaan and the new puppy (once it's acquired) out for walks somewhat often. The neighborhood around the house is pretty damn gorgeous for quite a few blocks in all directions. I saw lots of neat houses to check out during walks. I guess sometimes we just luck out with stuff. I'll take pictures of what I'm talking about later.

This was a pretty disjointed entry. Oh well, I'm tired. Time for bed.
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