October 18th, 2002



So let's see today I:

  • Got my copy of the RE contract. I still can't get that damn song out of my head and that new car commercial that references deliverance isn't helping either. One of these days I may even watch the movie. It occurs to me that I have way too many random pop-culture references in my head without actually having experienced the original source. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing.
  • Worked like a dog. I worked pretty much from when I walked into the office until around 5pm-ish. I was dusty, and tired when I got home.
  • Annoyed and possibly pissed off Jenny. I intended to take a quick power nap before driving out to her apartment to help her move, but the day just came crashing down on me and the quick power nap turned into a slow actual nap. I didn't wake up until she called and I think she might be miffed at me.
  • Felt all weird about the house. I don't know, I guess I just had a sudden wave of "Yikes, what am I getting myself into?" followed by "There's no way I'm ready for this" followed by "What color should I paint the various rooms?" followed by "I wonder what kind of history I could find out about that house?" [*][**] followed by "I wonder if anyone has been born or died in that house?" followed by "Could it be haunted?" followed by "Ok, let's change the topic and let Zhaan in for company now" :)
  • Wanted to have one of 3 people right here right now in order to curl up with. Combined distance of those three people from my current location is somewhere around 3500+ miles (yes, I checked).

[*] - Manhattan Heights, El Paso, TX

[**] - Prairie Style (1900-1920) - Frank Lloyd Wright popularized this unique style which revolutionized American architecture. The Trost House on Yandell Street in Sunset Heights is an example of this style. Manhattan Heights has two examples of Prairie style-influences homes: the former home of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on Federal Avenue, and another home in the 3000 block of Silver. A variation on this type of Prairie architecture is called "American Foursquare" and a wonderful example is the Quijano home in Sunset Heights. Identifying features: Low-pitched roof, usually hipped, with widely overhanging eaves; two stories, with one story wings or porches; eaves, cornices, and facade detailing emphasizing horizontal lines; often with massive, square porch supports.
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