October 23rd, 2002


Of course you know, THIS means war!

I had MCI as my long distance carrier years ago. Eventually when I got my cell phone with it's current calling plan, I dropped them as my carrier because they suck. Or at least I thought I dropped them. Since I make no long distance calls from my home # and I didn't get any bills from them I thought they were gone. Unfortunately, just like bad Chinese food, they came back.

(Apparently) they decided to start billing all of their customers a minimum monthly fee for the priveledge of being MCI customers (a trend that I have never been able to understand). Now of course since I didn't know that they were still my carrier and since I had explicitly told my local phone company to not have any long distance on that line when I moved into my current place, I assumed that the MCI stuff I started getting was just adverts. Wrong.

So, at some point, I noticed that I was getting a lot of mail from MCI. I took a look at one of them and was confused at owing them $11.00 (at the time). A couple of months, many calls and many more minutes on hold and I still couldn't get to anyone who could/would do anything abou tthis. So I just wrote a pissy letter to them.

MCI sucks, don't use them!

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W - T - F ?!?!?

Ok, I'm just attracting con artists today.

I just got called by a company about a magazine subscription. They were claiming that I said yes to 5 x 1-year magazine subscriptions for the bargain basement price of...

12 easy payments of


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