October 26th, 2002


Grrrr.... *stomps on tele-marketer*

Dang it.

(no I still haven't made it out. Stomach is still very grumpy)

I got a call from the same magazine tele-marketers. They had the nerve to ask it the previous caller had been polite (well no actually, he hung up on me). Then this guy had some lame excuse for why it had happened (oh we had trouble with our systems last week, that might have been it). Perhaps they shouldn't have gone to a fully automated system so quickly :)

Anyways, I listened to him for about 2 minutes and then hung up on him. It was highly satisfying. I didn't even have to cuss him out or anything. Just *click* good-bye.

I think next time I'll play that bananarama song (Na-na-na-na Hey hey good-bye) before I hang up on them (I do have my computer sitting close to a phone :).
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