October 27th, 2002


Still not dead yet...

All right, took some stuff and now my stomach has settled down again. It really makes me wonder what causes my occasional bouts of gastrointestinal unhappiness. From what I can tell, it's not ulcers, it's feels exactly as if I had disagreed with something I ate except that it tends to happen when I haven't eaten anything that should cause that reaction. Strange. I'll probably find out that I'm allergic to something really random like lettuce or rutabagas.

Anyways, I was noticing that both of the little furry ones (i.e. cats) have become quite a bit more affectionate since they went into the shop. They both have distinctly different personalities, but it's odd how much they've mellowed out. I for one am quite happy about that. Of course 'Tish is still a bit of a brat and she tends to hiss at you whenever you do something she's not particularly happy about. I've lost track of the times that she's found herself propelled off the bed because she hissed at my feet or arm. It happened again last night which is what brought this whole thing to mind. Not to worry, I'm not talking about pitching the cat across the room, just bumping her enough that she walks off the bed (all 12" down to the floor).

I also finally got around to updating my records for people. I had told several folks that I would call "soon" but then I proceeded (to quite ingeniously) not write down their information in a useful location (e.g. the Treo). Well last night I went through and added folks to it and updated all the info I had. I feel productive even if I couldn't leave the house.
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Hey kids, what time is it?

Heck if I know.

I think that I should start taking bets on how long it'll be before all the clocks in the house are once again set to the correct time. Considering the number of clocks in the house and the frequency witch which I actually check on them, I'd be willing to be I might not have them all set right until sometime after I finish moving (i.e. in the new house).

Fortunately the computer, cable box, and my phone (my 3 main time keepers) have set themselves to the right time so I'll be good once I reset my alarm clocks tonight.

Oh, and today was the first time at a family gathering where I kind of felt like I was actually going to do this house thing. Everyone knew about it now and they're all very eager to check out the new place. Of course there's a couple of dozen things I need to do between now and Thanksgiving. We were at my parent's place for my dad's birthday. His cake nearly posed a fire hazard ;). My mom (who's birthday is on Wednesday) informed us that we should consider ourselves free to use just one box of candles on her cake. We also had a very neat heavy thunder/rain storm at the end of the feast. Two days in a row of fairly heavy rain (for about 15 minutes at a stretch). Not too bad. I can't wait to be able to sit out on the porch and watch it rain.

Random thought, since most of my friends have moved at some time in the last few years, any thoughts on how I should pack? I know that the common suggestion is "start with what you don't use much" but I'm curious about what people have found worked (or didn't work) for them. Oh well, time to go back to watching home improvement shows (Sunday's on HGTV are great for restoration ideas).
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