October 30th, 2002


A random post just because I can....

So I finally started packing last night.

I managed to pack 8 boxes... 7 of which were CDs. Yes, I have that many CDs. I have another dozen or so empty boxes that I can pack and I've figured out what stuff I can put in at least a few of them. I've also figured out what I need to do with all the utilities (and when I need to contact them) and I tentatively reserved a truck for the big move day. I talked to some of the folks that we use for certain stuff (e.g. rockwalls, cabinets) to let them know that I may have personal jobs that I'd like them to give me prices on (the joys of being a contractor).

All in all, not too shabby. This is starting to feel like it's really going to happen now.

In geekier news, I was poking around tech sites and came across info on how new phones can connect to PDAs etc... Well ok, it wasn't new information, but it got me thinking and I did some poking around and found a cable for connecting my Treo to my cell phone. Heh, now might be the time to get a new plan with more minutes ;)

In the process though Handspring.com managed to annoy me. They had sent me a $10 off coupon (useable only with them and apparently no good for software purchases, bleh). I finally settled on an extra set of styii and guess what. They charge $11.50 S&H. Not only that but they charge tax for TX (and S&H is taxed). They can keep their crap and their coupon. Nothing earth shattering, but it was mildly annoying considering that almost everything on their site has to be purchased through an affiliate and of course the coupon is no good with affiliates.

I did however find a couple of programs that I may buy in the near future.


Went to go see Ghost Ship with Jenny last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm a fairly big horror movie fan and I've found that Dark Castle makes some pretty good/amusing horror movies. It was relatively lacking in the genuine scare department, but the gore and random opportunities for snide comments made up for that. It also had (IMNSHO) a fairly interesting premise for the existence of the ghost ship and ghosts etc... The plot was simple, but it moved along nicely and it had some good (and unexpected) musical selections for some parts. The time warping special effects from present to past were also pretty good. Overall it wasn't anything spectacular, but it had enough entertainment value that I liked it. However I should note that I have a particular fondness for movies that show things like derelict/abandoned houses/ships (e.g. Legend of 1900), and devastated cityscapes (e.g. Waterworld, Escape from NY, etc...) so that factored into my enjoyment of the movie. I'd say it's a solid DS=6.5 and it wouldn't be a bad movie to include in a horror movie-thon that had some harder edged stuff around it.

I also had a good time hanging out with Jenny and pigging out on cheap Chines Buffet food. It was a good way to spend an evening and I even made it home to watch the Buffy re-run and the new Smallville (before starting to pack).


Ok, I'm done for now.
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