October 31st, 2002


Cable woes....

I'm ba-ack....

My cable was out for the better part of the last couple of days so I've been extremely un-posty lately.

Things are ok. Nothing too exciting to report.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday so the family got together at Ruben's house. It was an ok evening. I think we were all a bit tired and that led to a couple of annoying exchanges. Nothing major, or even particularly memorable, just slightly icky and annoying. The kind of stuff you get annoyed over for a couple of hours and then forget about because well it's family and it's not a big deal.... Still though, I was quite pleased that I didn't chew out anyone for the annoying stuff that was said (particularly when the annoying stuff was said to/at me).

Today I got to go to the city planning commission to see what was up with a zoning change near my folk's place. It's not as bad as we had feared and the developer is going to work with interested folks to come up with a non-annoying solution. It was basically a chance for me to get up and talk in front of a few people and be diplomatic etc... Somewhat stressful, but all things considered it came out well.

Now, I'm hanging out here, at home watching home improvement shows, learning channel spooky stuff, and car stuff on DIY. Zhaan is keeping my feet warm and has eaten several Scooby snacks and baby carrots so she's fairly blissed out. This year, I got a whole ZERO trick or treaters. All things considered, I'm ok with that because I don't think that my current place is particularly well suited for having lots of random little ones come up and beg for candy. A few years ago I inadvertently discovered that if you leave your lights off people don't bug you so I just tend to do that. It's not that I'm being stingy, I just don't like the idea of having lots of kids walking up around my cars to the front door. The new house has parking in the back (for me at least ;) so I think that next year I'll plan on doing some actual trick-or-treater friendly decorating etc... and turn on the lights ;).

All things considered things are ok right now. Not exciting, but ok. I've been keeping to myself lately (except for hanging out last night and the night before) and I think I needed that. Maybe this weekend I'll make a point of being social a bit. Well after I work on Saturday (joy, rapture). Anyways, I think I'll go watch Nightmare Before Christmas or Rocky Horror (not sure which yet).

Oh, and Happy Halloween folks.
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