November 7th, 2002


Look ma, no attention span....


I just spent the last hour zoned out not actually doing anything useful beyond answering the phone a few times. The screen savers on this machine are evil... evil I tell you!

In other news, I really need a secretary. Well we need one for the company. I think we'd work a lot better if we had someone reminding us to deal with stuff without nagging (by definition when I remind my dad or my mom reminds me etc... it's nagging). Failing that, I need to figure out how to better use my PDA to do a bit of that. How do most folks (who have said things) use them for handling lots of random time dependant stuff? I use mine for entertainment and for its address-book capabilities but other stuff tends to go by the wayside and this is not a good thing. I must get more organized.

ADD can make it a tad difficult to effectively plot how to take over the world.

On a bad day ADD can make it rather difficult to actually make it out of the office.
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