December 15th, 2002


The Dragon's R&R weekend...

So you want to know what I did this weekend?

Nothing, nada. Well ok that's not quite true. I've never actually figured out how to do "nothing", but in my warped little mind, a weekend when I do productive things at my own pace with plenty of breaks to veg and watch TV and/or read comic books and/or read real books and/or play video games is damn close to perfect.

I did a lot of lugging of things up stairs and I'd say that the dining room is about half empty now. I think I'm close to tracking down those pesky cables that I'm missing (finally found the USB hub). I also found my silverware, cooking stuff, and assorted other nifty things. In fact, I actually cooked my first meal here in my little weyr. Nothing spectacular, just some dirty rice and chicken (mostly courtesy of a Zatarans box). I did play around with the ingredients a bit and I was quite happy with the results. The only bad thing was that I nearly burned the food when it turned out that one of the stove's knobs had been put on wrong (so off wasn't quite off). Still though, I only lost a few spoonfuls of rice and the rest of it was quite tasty. Now I have leftovers for dinner tomorrow. Hmmmm...

I really started to make some progress in setting things up this weekend. It ranged from setting up the sound system o' doom to flipping the fridge doors (from opening on the right to opening on the left). I'm starting to feel quite comfortable here, although I am constantly amazed at just how much stuff I need to do "really soon now". Oh, I also got to setup the tub mounted shower in the hall bathroom so I tried it out along with a nice long soak in the huge tub. Ahhhhhh.... Now if that's not a good way to end a weekend, I don't know what is :). Well aside from making a long overdue entry into LJ :-p.

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