December 21st, 2002

purple dragon

Oh Christmas Tree...

Well, I was lame, and I didn't get around to doing that one thing I wanted to do for my tree yet, but it still makes me happy so I'm going to share.

Check it out. The tree and all of it's decorations cost me less than $50.00. The joys of 50% off sales right before X-mas!

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I'm feeling better today.

Still somewhat restless, but I got out of the house a bit and hung out with Dave and hopefully we'll be hanging out with other folks later so all in all it's one of those "I feel like a grown-up in a good way" days.

We checked out a neat random store near my house where I got some nifty skull goblets and skull-jester candle holders. Then we swung by a huge used bookstore (also very close to my house ;) where I got one paperback book that I wanted, a Chilton's manual for Audrey and a huge 2 volume boxed set of the annotated Sherlock Holmes for all of $27 bucks. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. We're waiting to hear from Martin/Gina/Shannon about going to see Gangs of New York, but I'm about 50% convinced that at this rate nothing is going to happen. No big deal. I'm still feeling a bit flu-ey so staying home tonight wouldn't kill me and I did get more shuffling of stuff done with Dave's help so the house actually looks a decent bit bitter now (always a happy thing).

Well, I'm going to go take some more drugs in the hopes of staving off the onset of a full-blown flu.

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