January 15th, 2003


Best laid plans of mice, dragons, and other fearsome creatures....

First of all:

Note to self: When living in a house with windows that don't open, refrain from using spray paint indoors until you've found your Darth Vader paint filter thingy....

Now, as the world slowly stops spinning, I'm sitting here at the computer (they call me States-The-Obvious) thinking on the day.

This was a fairly good day all things considered. I didn't get as much done as I would have hoped, and I'm perilously close to being broke for the next couple of days, but I did manage to make some progress on various things, and our friendly neighborhood cabinet maker delivered the cabinet for the kitchen sink + washing machine. He did the black lacquer thing and it looks awesome. It looks better than most "nice" speaker cabinets. Very shiny, smooth and now all my cabinets match (at least in design). Since he's doing a bunch of other work for us, I asked him to give the other cabinets the same finish. He should be taking those away later this week. That'll give me a chance to re-do all of the kitchen floor and probably slap on a new coat of paint (as well as deal with some electrical and plumbing stuff that'll make my cooking life much more pleasant.

Dad and I did some planning on what we need to do to finish the last two duplexes ASAP and it looks like we should be done within the month. This means I also have to have the drawings ready for the next 2-3 projects we're hoping to tackle. I'm going to have to do some thinking about when I can take some time off to go visit out East again and hopefully also hit the Big Easy with snowninja7 & clunymph. I was hoping to just do a long-ish 1.5 week vacation and split the time between both places, but I don't know if that's such a good idea given various scheduling considerations. It might make more sense to take two smaller vacations in consecutive months so that I don't leave the business alone for too long at any one time. The good thing though is that since I haven't been on a vacation in almost 2 years, it won't be an issue that I'm leaving for a bit. Ah the joys of being self-employed.

I did a fair amount of running around and I picked up my new glasses along with gallons and gallons of paint (for work), nuts and bolts and odds and ends (for my house), and some random groceries (for my mom). I was amused by how happy I was when I found the perfect ladder for home use (as well as finding an attic stair on sale that I'll probably pick up tomorrow at some point). Shopping at Lowe's tends to be a little bit too entertaining[*]. Once the day was done, I headed home and proceeded to indulge in my new hobby, "fixing broken stuff in the house"

Today, I finished putting up the shower-curtain hoop and shower-curtain, fixed another leaky tub supply line, came up with an amusing paint scheme for part of one room (hence the spray paint comment earlier, details on scheme TBA), and fixed a few other random things. I also finally got a good look at the attic and I think that I'll be sticking to only using it for storage (it's not quite high enough for use as living space).

Ok, the world seems to have stopped spinning excessively. Time for shower and then bed. ttfn

[*] = Note to self #2: Avoid having long drawn out conversations with yourself about home improvement ideas in public. Also try to avoid extreme shows of happiness when you find the perfect widget that you needed to complete project #342b ;)
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Master Home Improvement List.

Well after realizing that I'm having trouble keeping track of the 1,001 things I need to do, I figured I needed a comprehensive list. If you're into keeping track of things like this, check back in the future as I intend to keep this up to date (I'm even 'memorizing' it)... Oh, and believe it or not, the house isn't in any danger of falling apart.... yet :-p

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