January 23rd, 2003


Mr. Fix-It

This evening was surprisingly productive.

I cleared out some of the garage and moved the new garage cabinet (f/k/a the kitchen sink + cabinet) into it's final position and I removed the table (f/ka/ the closet workbench) that was in there and tightened it's legs as I installed it in the laundry room. It might not sound like a whole heck of a lot, but I'm totally tuckered out (cabinets and tables are quite heavy). I also reloaded some of Molly's work gear (finally) and added a clothes hanger in the laundry room (hurray now I can let things air dry instead of shrinking them in the dryer!). I still need to add a few more shelves to the laundry table area and fix the old table that I inherited when I got the house, but the laundry room looks loads better (no pun intended :-p). It also needs a major cleaning, but that can wait until I'm done doing the carpentry and whatnot. I'm also debating the how wise it would be to move the current location for the washer. I took pictures, but I'm about to crash so I'll post those tomorrow.

You know, it seems like every time I manage to make some progress on stuff, I also end up finding another half dozen things that I should add the Master List. Oh well. In theory I actually enjoy doing this, but I wouldn't be upset if I finished the first stage of improvements sometime this year. It'd be nice to have a complete bathroom (instead of having to trek to different ones to get ready in the mornings).

Oh, and my knee seems to be doing a lot better thanks to Zhaan. After 3.5 years of having her around, she finally managed to trip me (it was a rather spectacular fall too). At first I was worried that I was going to have broken something (it was that kind of fall), but my Wolverine-like healing powers seem to have finally kicked in again and the knee is back up to about 85% and I suspect that with regular trips to the gym (and no more trips over Zhaan) it will be back to 100% before too long. I also discovered that my fingers bend back quite a bit farther than I thought they did (ouch!)... without breaking ;).

Note to self: Black dog on dark red carpet in the dark after staring at computer screen for a couple of hours is a Bad Thing (tm). Consider making Zhaan into a Golden Retriever (j/k) :-p
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