February 6th, 2003



I just re-read last night's post.

Apparently I was less coherent than I thought.

I've slacked it big time this morning, but now I'm going to get to work. I got distracted going over the list of things to do in the house and I lost track of time. I talked to Robin this weekend and she mentioned wanting to come out and visit when she gets random life stuff sorted out and decided on. So far there are a handful of people threatening to visit and I realized that I really do need to get a few things finished so that I can comfortably host folks here.

To that end, I picked up some paint chips from ye olde Lowe's and I've been staring at them in the various lights in each room (the brightness from AM to PM light is huge. I know it's usually significant, but the billion windows each room has make it more noticeable. I should pick up the blackout shades so that I can better see what the rooms will look like "normally"...

Is it any wonder I can get distracted so easily? ;)
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purple dragon

Note to self....

From the horse's mouth (or the writer's webpage), something I was beginning to fear would never happen:

Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla is tentatively due out September 2003
Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah is tentatively due out in November 2003
Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower is tentatively due out in March 2004

Yes, I admit it. Despite how un-cool some may think it is, I grew up reading just about anything the Stephen King bothered to put his name on. I would have probably read a cereal box if he wrote it... Come to think of it I used to read cereal boxes[*].... ummm anyways. I started reading the The Dark Tower books as a wee little froshling in high school and even though I've largely outgrown King's brand of horror stories, I am very much interested in reading those last three books.

It's about bloody time, Stephen.

[*] - My dad had (what I think was) an odd rule when I was little. Even though he would spread out the morning paper and magazines and whatnot at the kitchen table while he was eating, the kids were not allowed any reading material while eating. In theory this was so that we wouldn't sit there all afternoon grazing as we read and this was probably not a completely horrible idea since it didn't stop us from reading, it just made us finish eating faster. Anyways, being somewhat easily distracted, I would always end up reading every single thing on the back, front, and sides of the cereal boxes sitting in front of me. I suspect I was one of the few 9 year olds who knew the complete ingredients lists and nutritional information to things like Fruity Pebbles, Total, Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Cap'n Crunch, Luck Charms, Frosted Flakes, etc....
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One last post...

... because I can :-p

I find it amusing that after a couple of months of not doing more than 3 or 4 posts in any one day (and usual only 0 or 1), the day after the limits thing comes up is when I decide I have stuff to say (you might not agree with me ;).

If I were inclined to care more, I'd ask this directly, but what sorts of evil things do people do with over posting? When I read the post about the daily limits I was a bit surprised as it sounds like there is some really annoying stuff that happens on a regular basis when people go out of control posting. I suspect that the limits might go over better if Brad indulged our geeky natures and actually told us what problems the limits were supposed to prevent.

For the record, if anyone ever sees me approach or hit the daily limit for permanent members, please pry me away from the computer and unplug the cable modem ;)
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