February 13th, 2003


What? Me cynical?

So I was browsing CNN yesterday and I came across an article that mentioned that the trial of Houston wife who ran over her husband had gone to the jury. My first thought was "Well, there go them crazy east[*] Texans again."

Then I got the to the end of the article and I read the following:

"In addition to Lindsey Harris, Bridges testified during the trial. David Harris's mother, father and brother testified on Clara Harris's behalf, telling jurors she loved her husband and did everything possible to save their marriage. "

My reaction?

"Yeah, she did everything except hitting the brakes."

I have zero sympathy for people who hurt others in an "act of passion." An act of passion is when you rip your lovers clothes off and proceed to have wild monkey sex with them. Killing someone, beating them, etc.. is an act of anger, power, violence, but not passion. Passion does not mean loss of control. Only 5 year olds should be allowed to use the excuse that they "lost control." Adults who have so little self-control that they can seriously hurt another person (or any living creature for that matter) by "accident" need to be punished.

I bet you that if a man was on trial and he was accused of beating his wife and putting her in the hospital because he caught her cheating, there'd be a lot less question about what was going to happen to him. I thought we had thrown out the "s/he was asking for it" arguement a long time ago but that's actually what the defense attorney's tried to use ("I'm not up here to vilify the memory of David Harris ... but there were some bad choices, folks"). If he was a sleazy cheating husband then he fully deserved to be taken to court and thoroughly reemed in the divorce proceedings. He did not deserve to get killed and he doesn't deserve any blame for his own death. What next? Are we going to start considering what a person was wearing and where they were during a rape trial?

I guess personal responsability is just a novel and antiquated concept in the modern court system.

[*] - I may not aboslutely love all the people I come across out here in West Texas, but we do tend to have lower than expected rates of violent crimes. Amusingly enough, it really is the water that seems to cause it. The local underground water sources have traces of natuarlly occuring lithium.
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Junk & other ramblings....

I'm very tempted to apply for the new season of Junkyard Wars. They finally solved my biggest problem (that of not having a team to apply with). This year the applications are by individual. not by team.... Something to ponder (as if I didn't already have enough stuff to do).

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It's not what you know....

it's who you know.

Take today for instance. I had to take my dad's cell phone in to theVerizon store to be replaced. It was having way too many issues (dropping calls, not ringing on calls, etc...). Considering how he treats it, I'm amazed it still works at all. It was in pretty sorry shape. I knew that some of our phones had hit the 2 year = free replacement stage so I was thinking I'd get whatever dinky cheap phone they had and replace our 2 employee phones, my mom's and my dad's. Boy was I in for a surprise.

An old high school friend of mine was working there and he did an amazing job of hooking me up with way way way more than I expected. He replaced my dad's phone with their top of the line new phone (with the discounts we he gave us it came out to $100.00 and it just so happens that the manufacturer happens to have a $100.00 rebate available this month). He replaced my mom's even older crappier phone with the same model. He got our workers a couple of good phones (better than the one I had), and just to be really cool, he gave ME a new phone too (the very spiffy top of the line model [*]). Wow. I'm seriously tempted to call up the customer care line and let them know what a great job he did. I mean I know it helped a good bit that he knew me and he knew that I do come in once in a while to deal with phone stuff, but still...

I was blown away. I usually have to do some amount of haggling and number crunching to figure out what the best deal we can get is, but not this time. This time I came out with quite a bit more loot than expected. He even gave me a line on a couple of good calling plans to replace our old legacy plans. Now I have a national calling plan with free long distance and it costs less than my old regional plan and has some obscene number of minutes included. The other phones also have some obscene # of minutes and I think it came out about even from what they used to have.

All told, I walked out of there with 5 brand new phones that will end up costing us $0.00 when the rebates are in and I knocked off about $20 from our monthly expenses while getting more minutes and more features. Damn that was nice. I generally have positive feelings about Verizon, but this time I am really really really happy with their service and about the cost side of things and I am ecstatic about the new toy factor of this trip . I did not at all expect to get a new phone today (let alone a free one). This was like Geek-vana or something. It took about 1.5 hours to do all the activations of the new phones and all the paperwork, but even that was cool because I got to catch up with my friend.

Ah. Now I just have to wait to get the phone charged up so I can play with it some more.

So Verizon Wireless is today's official "Mega-ginormous evil corporation that made me happy"

[*] - For the geek-ly inclined, its the LG-VX4400. I got this phone FREE! (it looks better in real life though) That has sooooo made my week (on the geek side of things at least).... Oh, and tomorrow is Daredevil so I get a mega dose of geek happiness. I'm going to go eat now and read the user manual to the phone.... Yes, I am actually looking forward to reading it. New features etc... :)
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