February 19th, 2003


Amusing but scary

I don't agree with everything brought up in the following letter, but I must admit that I've gotten the feeling that Dubbya is more than just a little paranoid so that's why I'm posting it. While I don't think that Iraq is as helpless as they are currently making themselves out to be, I don't think that we need to turn the full force of the U.S. armed forces on them in order to squish Saddam. I'm not convinced that it's neccesarry either. However, I do find it interesting, how so many countries and leaders will talk shit about the U.S. (e.g. Castro, Saddam, etc...) and tell us just how bad ass they are right up until the moment when the U.S. decides to do something about them. I don't think our foreign policy has ever been very sane or practical, but I don't have much sympathy for countries that posture and make veiled (and not-so veiled) threats against us. I can't help but wonder about how stupid the people running them are.

Have they already forgotten how we (as a country) had very little problem going into Afghanistan and blowing shit up after 9/11? What do they think is likely to happen if anything else happens here? How many people do you think would have shown up for the New York or DC demonstrations on 9/12/01? I doubt that it would take half a dozen significant attacks before John & Jane Average were clamoring for Dubbya to do anything neccesary to protect them and their SUVs. Look, we have a president who has said that he won't let protesters dissuade him from his (insane) course of action. Do these people have any idea what he's capable of doing if the general public is clamoring for action? I wonder how quickly some european countries would change their tunes if a few of their monuments ended up as smoldering piles of rubble.

I'm very very very anti-war, but I can't help but look around and cringe. All sides are acting like complete and utter morons. We have Cowboy George on one hand, and a few psycotic fundamentalists on the other. Dubbya needs to back off and remember that he's not king of the world (yet) and these other countries and fundamentalist need to remember that we could leave their countries as smoldering piles of ash and the main thing stopping us is that the general public doesn't want that. As soon as you start killing average Joes on the street, that is likely to change very quickly. Forget about "can't we all just get along" right now I'd settle for "can't we all just stay very far away from each other?"


Anyways, here's the humor.....

A letter to The Observer from Terry Jones of Monty Python

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