March 2nd, 2003


The Weekend Review...

... or, best laid plans and such...

I had a reasonably good weekend except for a minor bit of car trouble.

I spent Saturday reorganizing the upstairs. I finally figured out where to put some of my furniture and in general it looks quite a bit better than it had for a while. I still have many many things to do, but its amazing how much a tiny bit of moving stuff around can make a place feel better. I also went to go check out Cradle 2 the Grave (DS=9 in the Kung Fu department) with Dave. It was good... well it was good as far as a Hong Kong Kung Fu flick goes. There were no Oscar calibre performances, but it's definitely a good movie to catch when you're in the mood for Kung Fu. Have I made a big enough point of how this is a Kung Fu movie? Good, because I was a bit annoyed at all the reviews that I saw for it and how they bashed it for having no plot etc... It's a Kung Fu movie, end of story.

After that we hung out and watched Trading Spaces. Dave commented on how amusing/sad it was that while most guys hang out and chill by watching sports, we end up watching home improvement shows. At least we do watch cheesy action flicks and comedies too!

Today, I was going to have lunch with the folks and relax, but they cancelled on me because my dad was working on his truck. So, I decided to hope over to Lowe's to buy some materials for a few projects that I had been meaning to work on. That sounded like a good idea at the time, unfortunately, Molly ate yet another of her starter solenoids. This meant that I was stuck at Lowe's while I waited for Dave to help me out and deliver a new solenoid. 45 minutes of waiting, 5 minutes under the hood and vroom we were off. I put Molly in the back so I can fiddle with her a bit in the morning and Dave helped me unload the stuff I bought for my projects. I was not in a constructive mood at that point so we were going to get some food. After an hour of driving and finding one restaurant we wanted to hit too full and one closed for the day, we ended up back at my place waiting for pizza (the cornerstone of a nutritional dinner). We ate and watched Deep Rising and Ghostbusters 2. He took off after that, and I ended up talking to A for a while. Interesting conversation. I'm going to go watch Alien Resurrection now because I'm just not going to do the thinking thing tonight (see, I can learn ;).

I also need to do a walk through of my neighborhood tomorrow so I can take pictures for the HLC thing. I was going to do it this weekend, but I've been feeling a bit sore throaty in the mornings and that always inspires me to vegetate instead of being productive. Today I was rested and very eager to do stuff in the afternoon, but car crankiness ruined that. I probably need to take Molly to the mechanic again to see if he can track down the reason for her increased appetite for solenoids. I suspect that a short of some sort is involved, but I don't have the time to tear her down in order to find it. I'm definitely ready to have my new driveway poured in the next couple of weeks. Having a convenient place to park and work on vehicles in my backyard will make me a very happy dragon.

Anyways, this was a fairly random non-exciting post, but I did want to prove that I'm not dead and I am, in fact, still on the face of the Earth ;).
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