March 10th, 2003


Bleargh :(

I wish my body would make up its mind about whether or not we're going to be sick. I've been almost getting sick for the last couple of weeks and it's getting on my nerves. Today I've been all sniffly and sneezy. This weekend, I had a mild earache which was affecting my balance and by extension my desire to move much at all. Add to that the fact that for the past 2 weeks I keep waking up with a sore throat and general quasi cold/flu symptoms and I've had it. Decide already. I can't sleep well (mind you, normally I sleep 4-5 hours so if I can't sleep well that ends up being 2-3 and leaves me highly grumpy). If I was sick then at least I could stay home and feel miserable in peace. This weird not-quite-sickness means that I keep going to work because there are (as always) 1,001 things that need doing.

The cabinet guy finally came by to pick up my kitchen cabinets. My kitchen is now away on vacation getting a tan (well a black stain at least ;). Hopefully by this weekend I'll have a mostly "new" kitchen to start cooking in, Kitchen 2.0. This will make me very happy. If I do everything that I want to do, the kitchen will be "done" for the foreseeable future. I'm still debating how good of an idea it would be to move the dining room door into the kitchen, but we'll see about that. I probably won't do that for a while though. That would be part of Kitchen 3.0 ;).

As Monday's go today was pretty laid back.
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Stupid stupid cold medicine....

Well I was quite pleased with how my corner desk extension had come out until I was going to put it in the house. I hadn't realized how hard the cold medicine had hit me until I managed to drop the desk on the way up the stairs. This caused some damage to a corner of the birch top. Now I'm not sure if I should remove the top and replace it with another panel I have or just live with it as is. I kind of just want to sort things on my desk again finally (i.e. leave it alone, call it finished, move on to the next project)....




My motor skills and coordination have been replaced by a sprig of parsley. Clearly this must be the work of the evil Dr. Tussin. Eh, At least the desk extension fits pretty much exactly as I had hoped and the legs are even (always a good thing ;). It still looks ok and most importantly it's quite solid. Hmmm....
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