April 22nd, 2003


The joys of functional broadband.

Well, my cable is finally back up at home.

The cable guy showed up nice and early at 5:20pm (the appointment was from 5-9pm). This is only the second time I have cable people over to my place but I'm still a bit surprised when they show up either right at the beginning of the appointed time or *gasp* early! He switched out my cable modem. This kind of sucked because my old modem had more status lights and being a geek, I feel like I need to know more about what's going on with it. Eh, I'll live. He also replaced the drop from the house to the pole because it looked a little fried and he found the actual problem in that the wind had disconnected the cable for RR from the splitter. Figures.

Now that the weather is settling down to it's hot summerly norm, I'm thinking of trying out my driveway for more building projects. I mentioned this a while ago when I lived in the old duplex, but space constraints made it easy for me to put it off indefinately. Now though, I have lots of room for new furniture. I'm currently considering doing the electric chair and/or the coffin coffee table. Anyone have any other suggestion? I'm going for a fairly restrained look with the occasional very odd piece of furniture or decorative item.

Oh well, back to work.
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RedHat 9

Well I finally have RH9 mostly functional on the work machine.

The upgrade was mostly painless except where GNUCash & XMMS were concerned.

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Landlines away...

Ok, already sent out the perfunctory emails telling folks this but in case I missed anyone or someone not on my standard mailing lists wants to get a hold of me, I officially decided to kill my landline today.

A wake-up call at 5am has a way of making you appreciate how vile tele-marketers are as well as how much you really don't need a landline.

Anyways, anyone who needs to get a hold of me can either call the cell or message me. If you don't have the number, send me a txt message or email or reply to this post etc...
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