April 28th, 2003


Feeling Better (a/k/a little things)

After my rant earlier my folks called me over to show me something.

They were watching an old VHS tape that they'd transferred their old 8mm home movies to. They were particularly amused because the section they were looking at had several of the first recorded sightings of mini-me (from a time before I could run and hide from the camera). The films were from roughly 10/76 - 7/77 and it was really weird seeing my parents in them as (relatively) young people (mid 30s even). Heck it was even more disconcerting seeing my siblings as teenagers.

That was a nice break that made my day less annoying.

After that I had to run to Lowe's to find some bolts for one of the tractors. While I was at the check-out the person ahead of me ended up needing personal attention from the manager. While we waited for the manager the clerk started ringing up people on the next register over. There was one person ahead of me at the time and she took them first. A couple of older guys tried to sprint around the check-out display in order to get ahead of me (since I was the only other person in line). Since I was still in something of a foul mood I ripped them a new one when they tried that. Well ok not an entirely new one, but I very definitely called them on their crap. You could tell they wanted to blow me off but hitting them with "The Look of Utter Contempt and Disgust" was enough to freeze them in their tracks long enough for me to get ahead of them and put my stuff down on the counter. I may be a big guy but I can move quickly and slide around people quite effectively when I want to ;).

After that they were bitching out the girl who was manning the register and trying to act like they had been confused about what was going on. While I generally have a low opinion of people like that, even I didn't think they had been confused. Still though, I didn't really care what their excuse was so I ignored them while my stuff was getting rung up.

Unforuntatley, they finally made some really obnoxious comment which upset the girl. She made a mistake with my stuff and at that point I turned around and said something like "What's your fucking problem? The girl is going as fast as she can and you bitching at her isn't helping. You two guys need to chill out and relax or I'm going to take my sweet ass time and pay for this stuff." and I once again hit them with "The Look of Utter Contempt and Disgust" but this time I really cut loose and glared at them and let them have it for a couple of seconds. I think it's called a "withering gaze". Well that did it. They just looked really embarassed and surprised and they put their $5 of stuff down and walked out looking really sheepish. The register girl thanked me as she finished with my stuff and I took off feeling fairly cool.

See, I'm usually not very big on confrontations like that. When I'm at work I go out of my way to be as mellow and relaxed as possible when I'm dealing with people (otherwise I'd want to hurt them), but it felt really really really good to bitch these guys out like that. I mean come on. How can you not be be too impaitent to wait in a line with one person?

Funny how two such different incidents generally improved my mood today.

It hasn't been a great day, but it's not a terrible one. It's basically Monday and it's making its case for why no one likes it.
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