May 8th, 2003


Kendo Grooviness....

Well my frist Kendo class went fairly well.

I don't know that I'll really realy want to stick with it in the long run, but I might. It's very highly regimented and disciplined. As our instructor said "for some reason a lot of ex-millitary guys like Kendo"

Considering how I didn't even get into the Boy Scouts because I was too unruly as a kid, I don't know how well this will fit. At the very beginning I was definitely thinking I might have made a mistake, but by the end of class I found that I was pretty well mellowed out and enjoying it so we'll see. Maybe doing something this disciplined will be good for me. Still though, I think I would like to do something with more pracitcal applications (i.e. self-defense). Apparently in Kendo "a good defense is a good offense" and that might not be so helpful in the real world (besides, I don't know about you, but I rarely do the Highlander thing and carry a sword on me when I'm out and about town). I could certainly figure out a way to fit in 2 martial arts in my schedule and I really do like the endorphin rush you get from doing tiring physical stuff (although I could certainly think of more appealing physical stuff to do ;).

Anyways, I'm feeling reasonably relaxed and a little sore so that's good. I'll definitely stick with the class for the 2 months I signed up for and then see.

For now though I need to wait until my laundry can go in the dryer before calling it a night. I really do have to remember to start doing laundry earlier in the evening.
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