May 12th, 2003


Post M-Day report....

Well my house, my critters, and I survived the first ever Family Gathering hosted at my place. What was particularly cool is that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves more so than they usually do. This is probably due to the fact that I have more toys and nifty things than most folks know what to do with.

Folks kicked back watching basketball for a while, kids and older folks played video games, other hung out eating lots of good food and chatting, yet more people hung out in the basement doing the darts thing, and still more hung out on the porch chatting. I think everyone was more or less shocked at how the house has turned out so far. It's at the point where it's quite presentable but I can already point out a couple of dozen improvements that I've made to it so I get slack for anything that isn't done yet (i.e. things are on a living to-do list, not permanently needing to be done).

I had a good time with "mi Familia" and I was able to avoid getting in any arguements or "debates" with anyone. This made me happy. I think this has been the best get together to date. The younger kids also had a blast playing with the dogs and I think the dogs had fun too (both had that silly goofy happy dog lying in shade look to them once the kids left). Gilbert inadvertenly suggested a possibly interesting name for the new puppy. Dusty. He was specifically referring to her fine coating of dust when he arrived, but I think naming her in honor of Dusty Springfield might be kind of cool. Still thinking about it though.

Current possible names are:

Jool (Farscape character)
Delirium (which would probably be shortened to Del)
Mia (as in Mrs. Mia Wallace)

Hmmmm.... Comments?
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