May 20th, 2003


My Neighborhood....

Is really damn spiffy.

I went for a long walk this evening and I really enjoyed it. I'm about 4 blocks away from Memorial Park (one of the oldest parks in the city). It's built on the site of a turn of the century foundry and it totally takes advantage of the hilly nature of the site. The houses surrounding it are pretty swanky and it's just really nice and covered with huge old trees.

I was really surprised by how nice it was in the early evening today. I think I'm going to enjoy jogging around this area (keep in mind that I hate jogging). Times like tonight make me amazed that I ended up with this place. This neighborhood is so much nicer than the other ones I had been looking at. It's not the ritziest neighborhood (that would be somewhere on the West Side, or Kern Place), but it has a nice established feel to it. If nothing else walking around the streets surrounding the park is a neat way of seeing examples of construction styles and ideas from years past. Many of the houses in the immediate vicinity of my house and the park were built from around 1910-1940 but given the nature of El Paso's construction norms you end up with a few houses that are really interesting. I'll post pictures of some examples in the near future.

I think this place can be home for a while. It might not be my only lair, but it'll do nicely for my first real, long term one.
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