May 27th, 2003


Are you sure this isn't Monday?

Well, I talked to the real estate lawyer.

It looks like the title company's snafu is going to be for the best. He spent a while explaining how the whole title commitment thing worked and he stressed that we should make sure that gets fixed (in writing) before going to another title company and getting it insured through someone else.

If they hadn't screwed up, we would have probably taken their word for it that they'd fix it and we could quite easily end up beyond the statute of limitations for doing anything about it. As it stands now though, I get to read through a couple of hundred pages of legal documents (covering the last 3 closings for the duplexes).

Have I mentioned how exciting and action-packed my life is lately? I didn't think so.

The prospect of spending my day/evening/night reading that makes me really appreciate that I'm an engineer and not a lawyer ;)
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Random Angel -> Italian Job connection....

So there is a great scene in the Italian Job where Seth Green is providing the dialogue for Jason Stathem and a cute blonde woman. The shot is basically Stathem and the blonde talking while we hear Green's voice providing some interesting alternate dialogue.

Personally I found the scene hilarious but I couldn't quite place why it seemed vaguely familiar.

Yesterday I was watching part of Angel Season 1 and I figured it out. In the third episode (Into Darkness of something like that) Spike and Oz (i.e. Seth Green) make cameos. Spike does almost the exact same routine with Angel and the cute blonde that he just rescued. Very funny there too.

As a bit of a technical theatre geek, it makes me wonder how things like that make their way into movies. Was the scene in the movie originally? or did Green suggest it early on in the development process? It's just weird since both scenes work to the exact same effect (making fun of the annoyingly handsome character) and they are amusing.

Eh, just some movie ramblings for your Tuesday.
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