May 30th, 2003


Wheezing my way to healthiness...

You know your work-outs are accomplishing something when you are almost too tired/sore to hit the snooze button and jump back into bed in the morning despite being tired. I only made it past a single snooze before I just gave up and got up. The prospect of hopping back and forth from bed to alarm clock (on the other side of the room) was just too painful.

I'm going to have to figure out why my back/shoulders were starting to get really sore when I was jogging last night. Ok ok so it's more like a very brisk walk interspersed with a good bit of wheezing, but I have a good feeling about this. Generally I hate running/jogging since my size and build mean that prolonged running tends to put a huge amount of stress on my joints and this is a bad thing given how many of them have been damaged in the past. What I'm noticing right now though is that the fast walking (and the footwork we're doing in Kendo) is strengthening my legs and I think that might either let me move up to proper jogging in a few weeks, or I might stick with it and avoid potential impact injuries for a good chunk of the summer.

I used to gauge my progress by how much I could handle on the leg press (at my peak during Rugby I was doing about 1,050 lbs), but since I don't plan on having access to one once my gym membership expires, I'm going to have to measure my progress by endurance and/or improved definition (which I'm glad to say is already noticeable after the last month of regular and increased exercise ). Another thing I've been considering is that once the gym membership expires I will probably take a good hard look at the basement exercise room and figure out what stuff I could get into it. At the very least I'd like to have my weight bench, an erg, and possibly an eliptical machine or maybe another weight station. The nice thing about living here is that I can realistically count on being able to jog outdoors year round (without having to account for possible frostbite or hypothermia ;) so I don't have to worry too much about the cardio equipment.

Anyways, I'm feeling pretty groovy today (in that masochistic athletic way). I've done some form of exercise every night this week. Tonight is Kendo and tomorrow morning is Iaido. I'm determined to lose a good chunk of my flab by the end of the summer. I've done it before so I should be able to do it again.

Now to go open that bottle of Ibuprofen ;)
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