June 2nd, 2003


Bad S2. No biscuit.

Well the S2 experiment is over for the time being.

I was rather disappointed with how it worked out and it managed to lose at least 2 of my entries. That is most definitely Not Good. I'm back to good ol' S1 and my own custom layout which I am going to change in the near future. Last night, I was noticing that I've had some variation of this particular layout for the last 4+ years. When I switched to LJ I adapted it to this system and that involved several nifty changes, but I think it's time to come up with something new.

Stay tuned.

I finally have an idea that I like for a new layout.

Bleh. Work/family stuff is getting messy.
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Spam of the Beast

I was just checking my old MIT account and I got this message:

You have 666 messages (18473112 bytes) on xxx.MIT.EDU

This is somewhat mind boggling considering I logged in and cleared out email from this account last Friday.
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