July 4th, 2003

purple dragon

Where's the ka-boom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering ka-boom!

So what did I do today?

"I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing and it was everything that I thought it could be."

Well, maybe not absolutely nothing, but I definitely did a lot less than usual. Eh. Not something I could get used to doing (1 day and I'm already starting to want to go and do stuff), but I think I needed a day of just hanging out and not worrying about anything.

My day of nothing consisted of (finally) putting some stuff away, folding some clothes, napping (a lot), and generally relaxing and watching movies. Even though I did do some stuff, it was nice because it wasn't anything that needed to be done (well except for napping, that needed to be done ;). Now, I'm really curious to see what the fireworks situation is around here since I should have a good view of all the bigger fireworks shows in town. I had invitations to go to a couple of different things, but my sister pointed out that dogs sometimes freak out with fireworks so I want to be around to make sure Zhaan and especially Saks are ok through the bigger fireworks stuff. Zhaan has always been insanely mellow around fireworks so I'm not too worried about her, but this will be Saks' first 4th so I think I'd rather be safe than sorry as far as the dags are concerned.

Perhaps I'll finally do something about ye newe web page tonight. Or maybe a trip to VI is in order once it gets late and fireworks die down. Eh, this is the nice thing about the beginning of a long weekend where you have nothing planned. You can just debate doing completely un-important things and then probably end up doing something else entirely. What's particularly cool is that I have quite a few non-empty weekends coming up in the next several months so the combination of busy weekends doing stuff at home, and busy weekends doing stuff elsewhere will be nice and I'm even getting in my obligatory, slug/sloth weekend :).

As usual, coolness points will be awarded to those who can correctly identify the two quotes that I used today.
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