July 6th, 2003


Weekend ups & downs...

Well, this weekend proved to be somewhat interesting.

Let's see...

Friday, Dave came over and we watched fireworks for a bit while I kept an eye on the dogs. Nothing too exciting, but I think I really do need to come up with a good system for roof access. As it was, from the front porch we had a decent/good view of 3 of the big fireworks shows in town. It did make me nostalgic for times that I got to spend the 4th on the Esplanade.

After that we hit VI for some philosophical conversation and random oggling of cute women. The usual hilarity ensued. We got some gossip from our waitress and she was flirting with Dave (much to his surprise and my amusement). Hit Le Wal-Mart for some stuff I needed for Molly and then came home. It was a good night and I got some stuff sorted out in my own head so that was good.

Saturday was... bleh. I spent most of the day working on Molly. I have determined that changing transmission fluid and filters sucks. It took forever and annoyed me so by the end of the day I was really scuzzy and tired and it looks like it did not solve Molly's problem :(.

I showered for a long time (took forever to get rid of the smell of transmission fluid) and then I crashed for a few hours (the sleep of the tired and grumpy). Fortunately my day picked up nicely when I got up and started watching Monster House. I got some useful tips on how to do full on medeival theme without actually resorting to stones and such (and a nifty idea for a bed of nails coffee table) and I got a much appreciated call from L (which pretty much made the evening ;). After that, I did some random house stuff, and called it a night early.

Which brings us up to this morning which I spent doing finance stuff (for myself mostly) and figuring out how to afford certain things. Hurray for number crunching. Now I'm chilling out waiting for the parental units so we can do the weekly Sunday Lunch. I've been neglecting LJ for the last several days, so be on the look out for comments and replies etc... in the near future. I also have some random ponderings to post about.

Anyways... *poof*
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