July 13th, 2003


Life & Movies....

Life has been... rather eventful this week. Not quite ready to share with the masses though. Suffice it to say that things are ok. Synchronicity is interesting and it makes me wonder how the timing of things can sometimes work out so well and sometimes so horribly.

Right now timing is good. Things seem to be falling into place nicely and I'm really looking forward to the future (particularly in a couple of months ;).

Now then, movies. I've seen quite a few lately. This week we had:

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (DS=9): Good movie. My type of fiction. I liked the inherent depth of all the characters. I'm also a big fan of this type of story. One where you mix characters from across fictional worlds and throw them into a "real" world. The effects were spot on, the casting was good, and the plot was interesting. It's definitely a comic book type movie, but I think that's a good thing, I'm also a fan of Alan Moore's writing (he did the original graphic novel) and I liked how they adapted his work to the big screen.

I'd say this is of the new breed of action movie which we are seeing a lot of this year. The action scenes are almost too numerous to keep track of and you feel like you're on a ride through most of the movie. Gone are the days of major exposition that tied together older movies. These movies are intended to keep you wanting more and more. These are action movies that are not ashamed of what they are. Definitely a movie to get on DVD.

Pirates of the Caribbean (DS=8.5): Well, speaking of rides, this movie was not quite as action packed, but it still had a lot of great, fun acting and an entertaining story. I also give it credit for being a relatively unique idea. The movie is based on the ride and the plot derives from it, but it's still a unique interpretation of the bits and pieces they started out with. This and LXG are my favorite movies of the summer (so far) and neither is a sequel. Looking at the offerings that we have coming up this year and next, I'm increasingly disappointed at how many sequels keep showing up and not quite delivering as well as the originals did. PotC delivers in spades and I have to give Johnny Depp credit for taking on the potentially disasterous costume action movies (e.g. Sleepy Hollow) with such style. Definitely a movie that will find it's way into my DVD collection.

Terminator 3 (DS=8): Now comes the best sequel of the year. T3. The big thing that helped this one out is that it didn't take itself too seriously. Arnold does a great job of playing with the stereotype that his Terminator character has become. The movie delivers a lot of action and a surprising amount of humor. I was pleased with the movie, but a little disappointed with the continuity aspects between it and the first two (always a problem with sequels... the Highlander series being a great example of horrible continuity). Don't get me wrong, it does do a good job of sorting out the continuity issues, I just wasn't thrilled with it. If anything I'd say watch this movie without watching the first two immediately before and you'll be set.

I've watched some other good stuff recently (most notably The Guru (DS=8.5), but it's late and I have a somewhat busy day planned tomorrow.
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Light Wars...

I took these a few weeks ago, but I hadn't gotten around to posting them until now.

I am eccentric. My neighbors are freaks.

Case in point:

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