July 24th, 2003

purple dragon

Mmmmmm..... let them eat cake

There's nothing quite like walking into the office to find my folks in a good mood, and fresh cake. My mom volunteered to make the cake for Isabella's and Victoria's baptism so she broke out with the hardcore cake making tools. Right now it looks like it's going to be a 3 or 4 tier mega-cake. The darn thing looks like it's going to be almost as big as Isabella.

Apparently (since most of this happened "before my time") my mom used to be quite handy with making cakes and such and would often end up making them for friends and family. If I remember correctly she made both of my sisters' wedding cakes. Random childhood memory: my mom was good about not having lots of snacks in the house, we'd have a few now and then, but every once in a while there'd be a plate full of cake bits that she had cut from the various layers in order to stack them properly, generally the cake plate was a good sign that some sort of party was forthcoming. She rarely makes cakes anymore, but every once in a while she'll do it again and totally pull out all the stops (like she did today). I'll try to get a picture of the pre-gobbled cake in the next day or two.
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